Facebook site

Dear readers, I now have a facebook work site that you can “like” if you want. It also shows some of my instagram photos if you click on the instagram button. Please have… Continue reading

More sketches for Pecha Kucha CPH#21

Pecha Kucha CPH #21

The poster I made for Pecha Kucha CPH #21…

Sketches for new small project

Full of inspiration…on Pinterest!

      I’ve been adding a lot of images to my Pinterest profile, so please go have a look here. Is perfect for keeping my inspiration and stuff I like in one… Continue reading

Summer, Santorini and internships

Wow, so it’s been a month since my last post. Thought I’d  have a lot of time during my holidays to create a lot of interesting post but that hasn’t been the case… Continue reading

Bermellón / Anagrama

Almost every time I come across a great project when browsing Behance it’s by Anagrama. And this time as well. Don’t you just love these bright and vivid colors and how they’re used?… Continue reading

Slurp website

I am working on some old projects right now that I’ve meant to improve for some time but hadn’t had the time until now. I did a logo for an ice cream company… Continue reading

Pasta Packaging / Bryan Ku

“Realizing that most people have a difficult time gauging how much pasta to cook. This is a fictional brand and packaging for pasta. The sustainable, cylindrical structures functions to help isolate the correct… Continue reading



Just found this font that I did last year. 5 criteria was set for it by rolling a dice. It was a 2-day school assignment and the first one using Fontlab. The criteria: Light, condensed,… Continue reading

Web web web

Some beautiful and inspiring websites that I’ve found. If you’re thinking about changing the look of your own website you can find a lot of great inspiration on Site Inspire

Get up and do something

I’m busy with my job and portfolio these days though it’s my holiday. Always when I’m extremely busy I feel like skipping what I should be doing and do something completely different –… Continue reading

DMJX Annual Report

I am currently trying to finish my portfolio and realized that I had not even taken any photos of the annual report that I did for my school. So I took out my… Continue reading

The Gourmet Tea / Alan Chu

I am now officially on holiday! Finally! So it’s time to make up for neglecting my blog. So I thought I’d start by posting something colorful and the best way for that is… Continue reading

Claridges / Construct

Busy with my 2. year exam I’ve been neglecting my blog quite a bit (I’ll make it up to you during my summer holidays!). So I thought I’d give you some extra photos… Continue reading

Pinterest pressure

I’ve given in to my friends pressure on joining Pinterest. Been using it as a place of inspiration but didn’t see the point of joining when I had this blog. But I must… Continue reading


Just got home from a week in Berlin with my class. Visited a few design studios: Edenpiekermann, Onlab, 44 Flavours, Mario Lombardo and Hort. Thursday, friday and saturday we sat down at Typo Berlin… Continue reading

Typografly / Happycentro

A beautiful origami project by Happycentro

Salling Visual Identity / Maria Lyng

I just finished a school assignment where we did a redesign of the Danish department store Salling. It included a logo, business cards, letterhead, wrapping paper, hangtags and bags and a design manual.

Colección / Clara Fernández

A beautiful color palette on a selection of books inspired by the purity and sensitivity of Chinese erotic literature. Clara Fernández

250 images coming right up

Just found a wordpress theme that suits my portfolio so I changed it immediately and didn’t notice that I manually have to set the featured images…on each post! That’s 250 images! I did a… Continue reading

The Imperfections / Sopi Su

Inspired by Japanese author Sei Shonagon and her personal thoughts and poetry from her book The Pillow Book, Sopi Su made a dress based on her own observations of daily life’s imperfections, and laser-cut each… Continue reading

Save The Date / Martin Gareth Magner

A beautifully executed fictional wedding invitation. Here’s what Martin Gareth Magner has to say about his project: “A brief was given to me to create an interactive wedding invitation that narrates a story… Continue reading

Make Something Cool Everyday / Brock Davis

I think most of us creatives know Jessica Hische ‘s “Daily Drop Cap“. Brock Davis didn’t have a special theme it just had to be created the day it was uploaded. So there’s… Continue reading

Book covers / Coralie Bickford-Smith

I’ve just found my all time favorite book designer: Coralie Bickford-Smith. Her patterns for Penguin breathe new life into some of the classics. Her designs are detailed and minimalistic at the same time. I haven’t… Continue reading

Saussage Battle / Fabien Souche

 Not much to say… It’s saussage collages by Fabien Souche and it’s hilarious!

Book folding

This is one of the projects that I did on Peter Callesen‘s workshop today – inspired by the talented Isaac Salazar. Bought the book in a second hand shop for 5 DKK (0,88… Continue reading

Erik Johansson

If you don’t know Erik Johansson you should check out his website. He creates remarkable images by digitally modifying photographs that he took himself.

Workshop with Peter Callesen (Paper artist)

On saturday me and my class mates Astrid and Ida are participating in a workshop with danish paper artist Peter Callesen. He’ll give a lecture and show us some of his work and then… Continue reading

Tattooed eggs / Burcu Avsar

Luminaris (A delightful little love story)

Pattern Design / William Branton

Is it just me or are the days too short? There are so many things I want to do and techniques to learn but I can’t seem to find the time to do… Continue reading

Abbey Watkins

A while ago I found a sketch in my inspiration folder and showed it to you here. I didn’t know the artist and was hoping that some of your guys knew it. Just… Continue reading

Simon Harsent

If you – like me – love beautiful photos check out Simon Harsent’s portfolio. I’ve gathered a few of my favourites here but there’s a lot more to see…

Leif Podhajsky

The oh so talented Melbourne-based artist, designer and Creative Director Leif Podhajsky.

We are all a part of the same thing / Dominique Falla

A beautiful execution by Falla for Positive Posters competition

Photisserie / Kathrin Koschitzki

Some lovely photos from this lovely lady


So I finally got around to do a portfolio (still a work in progress). I’ve been working on my website for ages so I decided to skip that for now and create a… Continue reading

Gravity Dice / Suzy Lelièvre

Now that’s what I call being creative. Love it!

Retirement Facility Hottingen – Signage / Tina Stäheli – Shinohare

“Our aim was to make the semi-public space of a home for the elderly more private by displaying the information in picture frames. The signage system consists of seven modules of frames which… Continue reading

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy / APFEL

I am currently looking for a 4 month internship (October-February 2013) and I can’t seem to make up my mind about if I should look outside of Denmark or stay here in Copenhagen.… Continue reading

A Guide Magazine

I’m a huge fan of editorial design. Magazines are probably the one thing I always buy when I’m traveling. So I love discovering new magazines with great layout. A Guide Magazine  delivers just that. … Continue reading

Scrabble Typography

Available from August here